In 2018 Fencing Federation of Serbia is celebrating 90th year of its existence. It is founded in 1928 in Novi Sad but it was placed in Belgrade. The Yugoslavian Fencing Federation was founded in 1927 and placed in Zagreb. Fencing clubs from Backa, Banat and Serbia didn’t support this Federation and they founded their own on 22nd of April the following year - Fencing Federation of Serbia.

One of the important events that are included in European Senior Championship is Formal Academy which is meant to gather all big figures of Serbian Fencing. The president of Serbian Fencing Federation and special guests of Academy will ladle out honors for Serbian Fencing contribution. There will also be book promotion about history of fencing in Serbia. After this reception all guests as well as all representatives of European countries will be joined to have Formal dinner.

Fencing in Novi Sad

Fencing in Vojvodina has a long tradition. In the Vojvodina region, there had always been plenty of extraordinary swordsmen's and fencer's, and large number of fencing organizations of the nineteenth century (under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918. ) to the present day. Certainly that's all the reason for establishing a Fencing Federation of Yugoslavia in Novi Sad.
The first school of fencing in Novi Sad was founded in 1852 by Djordje Markovic Koder, poet, diplomat, an alchemist and a world traveler. Fencing existed in Novi Sad also long before, especially in the barracks of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Fencing coaches in the nineteenth century were mostly Hungarians and Italians. At the beginning of the twentieth century   there were many different fencing schools in the city, so it should not surprise you that in Novi Sad, in the year 1928, Fencing Federation of Yugoslavia was founded.At the time of the Kingdom of SHS, later the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, there were even three fencing club's in Novi Sad. Although they trained in the same venue called “Edjsheg”, they gathered membership of the various nations, as evidenced by their names: "Jedinstvo", "Edjsheg" and "Judah Maccabi".
After World War II, Fencing Club "Novi Sad" was established , which produced the members of the national team for decades. However, the club vanished from fencing scenes during the 90's crisis. It was not until the year 2000, that fencing sport was reestablished with the Fencing Club "Soko".    In 2007, Novi Sad hosted the "First European Fencing Championship for cadets". It was the biggest ever fencing tournament until then in Serbia. That tournament will be the momentum for development of fencing in Novi Sad, primarily through the Fencing Club "Vojvodina", which is created by the very people who organized the European Championships in 2007. Today, Fencing Club "Vojvodina" is the biggest club in Serbia, with the best international results in the history of Serbian fencing.