This competition will be using Fencing Link™ by Fencing sport



Fencing Link™ is three step software system that enables smooth running of the initial processes of the fencing competition: payment, accreditation and weapon control. It also enables easy distribution of important information to all competitors and officials.

First step is payment. It can be done by single competitor or by one official for all the competitors from one country. All the other steps rely on this one. You will not be able to take the accreditation without paying and you will not be able to submit your material to weapon control.

Second step is accreditation. You can only get your competitor accreditation if your entry fee is payed! If you have your picture on FIE webpage you will have your accreditation already done, if not one will be made immediately on the spot. Whole process takes about two minutes.

Third step is weapon control. You can submit your equipment ONLY with accreditation and only in a bag that contains ONLY material for the weapon control .

This way we can ensure that your weapon control is fast and on time. You can follow the status of your bag on screen next to weapon control or on the mobile phone (see manual below) and on your confirmation slip you can see the expected time of delivery for your bag.

Fencing Link™ also provides useful information at any moment for all the competitors and officials. Simply scan QR code on your Accreditation with your mobile phone and you will receive personal welcome with all the information regarding competition schedule, transfer schedule, results, live streaming and information about your bag in weapon control. The application is web based so you can use it anywhere where there is internet connection.