Dear friends,

Entry fees and referee fees were defined by the organisers as follows:

  • Individual events: 60 €
  • Team events: 300 €
  • Referee fee: 70 €
Payment is done preferably in cash in the venue day before the start of the competition.
It is not possible to get accreditation or do weapon control without previous payment.
Payment is possible by bank transfer following these instructions:
intermediary 56a:                    DEUTDEFF    (DEUTCHE BANK AG, FRANKFURT)
Account  No.57a:                     936528900
                                                VBUBRS22           (Vojvodjanska banka Novi Sad, Serbia)
Beneficiary customer  59:       RS35 3550 0000 0200 3848 62  (IBAN CODE)
                                                Macevalacki Savez Srbije
                                                Obilicev Venac 4
In case of bank transfer, please make sure that expenses of transaction are covered by your federation.
Please inform us regarding your payment and names of competitors whose inscription is payed.
All payments must be received not later than 14.06.2018. Later payments may not be processed in time for competition.