European Senior Championship will take a place in Sport and Business center "SPENS", in Novi Sad - from 16th of June untill 21st of June, 2018. For details check out the program.

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Welcome to Novi Sad - Serbia

 It is a great honor for me that Novi Sad is hosting again this prestigious international competition such as the European Fencing Championships for cadets and juniors. Our city had the opportunity to host to the best cadet fencers of Europe in 2007, when it proved to be an excellent host. That was the largest fencing event ever held in Serbia, which was attended by more than 400 competitors from 36 European countries, with around 10000 people hosted regarding this occasion.

Novi Sad has a distinctive status of the sports center and as the headquarters of a large university and as candidate for the European Capital of Culture and Youth Capital of Europe, Novi Sad is a great place and for competing the best European cadets and juniors fencers.

This year we will have the opportunity to host the best athletes of Europe who will be fighting for medals with numerous athletes through demonstrating sport skills.
City of Novi Sad works continuously to provide the best conditions and facilitate maintenance major sporting events, so we are often in the host role of many important international sports competitions. I am sure that all citizens of Novi Sad and all fencing lovers who came in our city to track the competition will have the opportunity to enjoy quality fencing.

All guests will be welcomed in the best way, and I hope they will leave Novi Sad with the best memories. We will try to show our city in the best possible light as host. To all fencers I wish handful of medals, best of luck and may the best athlete win!

Mayor of Novi Sad,
Miloš Vučević


Dear friends, colleagues, coaches, fencers and fencing superstars,

It is with great pleasure that we, once again, host a Europe’s best of the best in fencing, this time in Senior categories. We welcome You all to Novi Sad, second biggest city of Serbia and one of gastronomical and cultural capitals of this part of Europe.

It is now a tradition of our Federation to host big competitions, advance and develop organization, and provide unique experiences for our European fencing family. As always we will do our best to make your competition smooth and with best possible conditions for your best possible results.

I wish you good performance, good results, sport luck and, of course, a good time in our beautiful country.

Dejan Ruski
President  of Serbian Fencing





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